Thursday 14th January

| BY Jack Moss

Y-3 To Make Spacesuit For Virgin Galactic


We love an offbeat fashion collab. Like, say, Julien Macdonald and Scrabble (thanks to Alexander Fury for reminding us of this seminal moment). This time, it’s the turn of Y-3 (lovechild of Yohji Yamamota and Adidas) who are collaborating with Virgin Atlantic on an “apparel system” for the world’s first commercial spaceline. A spacesuit, basically. Welcome to to the future. But really, it’s not actually so strange, after all, Y-3 have long been brainy when it comes to innovative sporty gear. “The  Y-3  design  team  has  paired  the  adidas brand’s  technical  know-how  and  Y-3’s directional  approach  to  style  with  the  use  of  advanced  fabrics,  special  techniques and bespoke specifications to ensure fit, comfort and performance,” says the official-sounding press release “This flight-suit is being designed to fully support a pilot’s natural seating position as identified through a series of tests”. Oooooh. Send me and Dominic over one when you’re done – Antony does always say we’re the Starship Enterprise of Ten Towers. We’re the captains, obv.