Wednesday 30th August

| BY Jack Moss

Personalise Your Prada With Their ‘My Character’ Pop-Up In Harrods

If you are to wear a Prada bag, expect it to be touched. People can’t help it. Like a kitten, or a small child. They will tell you it’s nice, which it is, and proceed paw at it with their dirty little hands. They may also be a pickpocket, and steal it. Also sad. Point is, it pays to let the general public that this Prada is yours, and only yours. The best way to do so, bar screaming in said person’s face, is via customisation. Which may or may not prevent unwanted Prada groping and robbery, but it’s always nice to have something that’s entirely your own, is it not? Customisation should not be undertaken by oneself. It will go wrong, and will be ugly. Instead, please direct yourself to the ground floor of Harrods, where Prada have set up their “My Character” pop-up, a pop-up that involves several ways of customising your Prada goods. Like keyrings. Keyrings that make up the 26 letters of the alphabet. Purchase your initials, or, if you are really rich, spell out your whole name. Proceed to hang from your bag, belt loop, belly ring etc. Similar letters can also be found stitched on to the ‘My Character’ bag, spelling out the name we wish was ours: PRADA. And, if you wish to personalise your goods even further, allow us to introduce “Prada Stickers” – leather patches that can stick on and stick off bags of your choosing, interpreting not just the Prada logo, but also an “eclectic mix of urban symbols.” Clever Prada!

Find the pop-up in Harrods until 10th September /