Monday 20th November

| BY 10 Magazine

Here Are The Looks From The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Unless you currently have your eyes shut, or are on some sort of self-imposed social media blackout, you probably will have seen a selection of the above, because these girls are EVERYWHERE. Such is the power of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, like the 2017 one which happened tonight (or today, depending on where in the world you find yourself) all the way in Shanghai, China. And more fool you if you haven’t because, from what we can see, it was spect-ac-ular. Are we surprised? Course not. Incredible craftsmanship (wings! feathers! beads! crystals!), drop dead stunning lady supers and of course, lots of very nice undies. And Harry Styles. And Miguel, Leslie Odom Jr and Chinese popstress Jane Zhnag. And a showstopper of a Fantasy Bra. It literally had it all. In lieu of our own explanation of the five incroyable sections – let’s go straight to Sophia, our Editrix-in-Chief and Victoria’s Secret Creative Director (shamelessly nabbed from our pals at Vogue)…

“The opening section is our punk collaboration with Olivier,” La Neophitou told Vogue UK.“It’s one of the most fantastical things we’ve ever done. The section idea came first and then we approached Olivier, who turned it into a glam-punk theme. The next section is ‘Porcelain Angel’, which began its life as pottery-themed, and then took a Mediterranean angle using the blue and white colours of Santorini. Next up, is ‘Winter’s Tale’, which is based on Lapland, with elements of Russia and Christmas in the fashion. ‘Millennial Nation’ comes after with Pink urban streetwear. ‘Goddesses’, based on ancient Greek goddesses, follows as my Greek heritage comes out in full force! And ‘Nomadic Adventure’, a journey through Brazil and Africa with rich colours and beading, is the last. Each section is a mini show and has its own moment to shine.”

There you go. For the full experience stay tuned to CBS, who will be showing the extravaganza on November 28th – but for now, all that’s left to say is a mahoosive congratulations to Sophia and all the rest of the VS team for pulling off another ah-mazing show. The biggest show on earth!