Tuesday 8th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ashley Williams: Ready-to-wear SS20

If you thought the badass bitchez of Ashley Williams were away, think again. This season, the British designer decided to skip London Fashion Week in place of a spot on the schedule of Seoul’s equivalent. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait until the following Friday to see the collection. After press appointments in her Paris showroom, Williams just dropped the lookbook for SS20 and it’s everything you’d expect from her. Cheesy canine prints and hyper-femme silhouettes infused with a rebellious spirit of girl gangs and dog squads. “Welcome to a hirsute magical kingdom full of the realest bitches,” the collection notes explain, embracing the double entendre of Williams’ inspirations. 

It all started when, during her summer lolidays, the designer stayed at the notorious Magic Castle motel in Kissimmee, Florida, whose lilac facade became somewhat of a symbol of all-American road trips. Taking tacky objects and turning them into all the rage is Ashley Williams’ signature move, and so it continues for next season. The mega popular (and mega ripped off) diamanté clips and earrings spelling out mundane words – anxiety, boys, bitch – are back again too. This time round, they are giving you a chance to call out for “HELP”, call yourself a “VENUS” or make sure everyone knows you’re looking for “LOVE”.

While graphic knits, jersey and denim pieces remains at the core of this girl’s wardrobe, she also likes to party. But her marabou feathers and rhinestone aren’t made for the ballroom – she wears them with a pair of coloured tights that will soon enough have a few cigarette holes in them as she heads over to the local Wetherspoon (probably the Rochester Castle in Stoke Newington) before staying on a 3-day-bender in her friends’ basement flat. She’s part Edith Massey of John Waters’ cult flicks, and part Billie Eilish. She’s a battleaxe in the making and don’t you dare cross her path. Instead, buy her a pint of lager and offer a Marlboro light – soon enough, you’ll be BFFs and maybe you can borrow something from her incredible wardrobe.