Monday 24th February

| BY Claudia Croft

Boss: Ready-to-wear AW20


The Boss show was a big event in a Milan. Taking place in an industrial hangar on the outskirts of the city, guests passed by a specially constructed mirrored selfie room into a huge oval shaped space in which everything – floor, stage, walls – was the same shade of lilac. Even the pre-show drinks served by handsome waiters came in lilac. Then onto a raised podium stepped a group of classical musicians. Their soaring music filled the space as the models stepped out in smart, sophisticated pieces that make dressing for real life situations a pleasure not a chore. Boss is successfully colonising the wearable-but-interesting corner of fashion. This isn’t a label for red carpet drama or up-all-night club wear. Boss is for real people with real (good) jobs who want to look really good doing them. IRL chic is harder to pull off than you think. You need elevated taste levels, a love of fine fabric an exacting eye for detail (how about a provocative slither of scarlet, snaking down the spine of a camel coat?). Boss ticked every box. The specially constructed lilac show space turned out to be the perfect backdrop for its parade of toffee and cream-coloured tailoring, oversized coats, supple knit dresses, and trouser suits cut with an elegant slouch. There’s plenty of flair. A fringed satin evening dress played into one of Milan’s biggest trends. Add technical sportswear into the tailored mix and Boss has all the bases covered. Sometimes your best version of yourself isn’t the one dripping in diamanté or swathed in taffeta frills. It’s the you that means business. And that means Boss.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.