Thursday 17th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Boss: Ready-to-wear SS16

The DNA of Boss is tailoring – well, tailoring and shirt making and menswear stuff generally. That is until Jason Wu joined Boss and began to give and extra few Y’s into their defiantly XY chromosomes. Y? Why not? Why not show plissé dresses in bright blue and lemon organza flowing seductively over the models’ bodies? Why not loosen up your coats and suits in soft bonded crepe, tattering the edges into fringe? Why not elongate shirts into crisp dresses, wrapping them asymmetrically and layering sheer panels atop? And why not add a few rose prints – abstracted a bit, but still definitely and defiantly feminine? That’s what Jason Wu brings to Boss, every season, season after season. A sense of the feminine; and lots and lots of women, who want to buy these clothes.

Photographs courtesy of Hugo Boss