Thursday 7th April

| BY Jack Moss

Calvin Klein: Fall 2016 Presentation


In Milan, the Calvin Klein boys and girls went dogging in a Berlin forest. Or, “hooking up”, to be polite. But as any outdoor sex enthusiast knows, sometimes, just sometimes, it’s just a bit too nippy to get one’s rocks off al fresco. Spesh when you are just desperate to show off your brand new sheer Calvin Klein body stocking. Sometimes, you just want into be ravaged indoors. No shame in that. So where’s the next best place for a casual case of intimate relations? A hotel, duh. As a certain, unnamed member of team ten would tell you, conquests are best counted by the calibre of luxury hotels one is taken too. “But I still haven’t been to Claridge’s yet”.


So that’s where Mr Carrigan lured us to for his AW16 collection – a sexy, luxury hotel lobby with plush carpets and incense-scented air, and plenty of attractive looking inhabitants in various states of undress. “It’s my imaginary Calvin Klein Hotel,” said Kevin Carrigan to WWD. “We do Calvin Klein Home and everything, but we don’t do hotels — yet.” There were undies on show of course – sexy ones – the new lace “Tease” undies for women, and the slinky “Liquid” pants for men. But fear not those of you who have not gone through a sexual awakening, there was plenty to fill your non-sex-based wardrobe – puffy parkas with fur-lined hoods, slick leather trous, tux-like suiting. Basically, your winter gear sorted. All the way down to the knickers.