Wednesday 7th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Chanel: Ready-to-wear SS16

Imagine if Chanel had their own airline: curly-C’s entwined on a tail-fin, chic pilots in high-collared shirts like Kaptain Karl himself, and plenty of tweedy suits for the air stewards. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore! Actually, you do: Chanel airlines was but a dream, a Lagerfeld fantasia for spring/summer 2016 where we, the invited guests numbering 2,555 (really: except I’m sure a few didn’t set their alarms and missed the boarding call) saw a vision of the future. Idyllic it was too. Imagine if Chanel offered sleep-suits on their red-eye flights, in fetching tricolour prints of poppy graphics, or departure-board scribbles like after-dark neons, or metallic-flecked tweeds and sequins and slick, aerodynamic evening dresses. And jumbo quilted bags as carry-on luggage? Yes please. Definitely willing to exceed our allowance for that.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans