Wednesday 18th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Charlotte Knowles: Ready-To-Wear SS20

In the past seven months, Charlotte Knowles and and her partner Alexandre Arsenault were faced with the challenge of creating their first solo show, having unofficially graduated from the Fashion East collective last season. At the same time, the world has slowly been turning into a state of turmoil. Instead of ignoring the harsh reality, the duo behind Charlotte Knowles decided to get their woman ready for survival mode. Armed with a lot of sass and fierce, bodycon fashion, she is on her way to slay.

Swimwear proposed as part of the everyday wardrobe, sexy womenswear empowered with hi-tech fabrics, printed scarves tucked into garments. The collection’s name was Venom, suggesting a serpent of a woman, her slinky dresses sharply cut and layered over (mis)matching, hip-hugging flares. The colour palette used in the show was complex, mixing vibrant sunset shades with muddy greens, greys and browns. In place of embellishments, Charlotte Knowles use pull-strings and corsets, distorting the natural lines of the body in a way that enables it to move quicker. And this woman also has some secret weapons on hand. Earrings created out of sharp, jagged anodised aluminium segments designed with Alex Caillot emphasise the sense of danger, as do the horn-shaped handbags in patent leather. And then there’s the brand’s first shoe outing too – an aerodynamic heel appears in multicoloured square-toed sandals and mules, crafted in collaboration with Marko Bakovic. Aggressive, powerful and totally unapologetic about it. This woman is all grown up and has a lot to say. And we’re here to listen.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans