Chet Lo: Ready-To-Wear SS23

Chet Lo has won over the fashion pack with his prickly, 3D knits in tooth-achingly sweet colourways. Their fishing wire technique can make sporting one of his signatures feel like dopamine dressing whilst on an acid trip (and that’s a compliment).

Though this season – Lo’s first standalone catwalk after graduating from Fashion East – the Newgen talent was set on meeting his brilliantly bonkers go-tos with a sense of refinement, keen to illustrate his cultural background through design.

When concocting the collection, Lo was looking to his childhood and his Buddhist upbringing. As the sounds of a tranquil gong bath fed into a thumping techno soundtrack, his spiky knit fabric fashioned trousers, bulbous frocks and Chinese conical hats that veiled models’ faces.

The particular tale of Buddha turning arrows, fired at him by Mara (the goddess of death), into flowers seeped into the collection. Twinsets came slashed as if caught mid-fire, walking alongside ISKO-provided denim lavished in lotus flower prints. A symbol that represents purity in Buddhist culture, Lo 3D-printed the floral to create headpieces and beautiful accents which danced along a sheer evening gown worn by Lindsey Wixon like water lilies floating in a pond. Keep your eye on Lo, you’re about to see a lot more of him.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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