Saturday 11th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Dsquared2: Menswear & Womenswear AW20

In wedding traditions, a 25th anniversary signifies silver. But we’re talking Dsquared2 here – a world where a quarter of a century means pure gold. In fact, Dean and Dan Caten have been gold for all these years, and tonight was the perfect moment to remind us of all of their greatest hits. Their AW20 co-ed show kicked off with a video megamix of Dsquared2’s major style moments, including the full cowgirl getup Madonna wore in the Don’t Tell Me music video and Beyoncé’s military outfit from the half-time show at the Super Bowl. But Dean and Dan don’t just rest on their laurels – it’s always about what’s next. And what’s next is full of surprises.

As always, their show provided everything you’d expect from the Catens, peppered with new spices we haven’t seen before. Shearling jackets and tartan shirts for boys and girls, with hems that couldn’t be any shorter and trousers that couldn’t be any tighter. At moments, it looked like they were taking it back to the (g)olden days with all the quintessential Dsquared2 elements. But then came along plenty of newness. The abundance of 1990s via 1970s included latex trousers and jackets along with some seriously maxi coats that almost dragged behind the models. With drag queen music playing in the background and the grand catwalk set up as a crossroads, Dsquared2 unapologetically entered their next chapter.

And then there was the finale. Following a slideshow of family photos taking us back to the Catens’ childhood, the actual Sister Sledge in matching sequin-spangled jumpsuits performing one of their greatest hits We Are Family. That’s one of those WOW moments that will definitely remembered (and included in their next anniversary video). There’s no doubt about it – Dsquared2 are Canada’s best export since maple syrup.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.