Monday 20th January

| BY Paul Toner

Dunhill: Menswear AW20

On the frow at Dunhill this afternoon sat Kano and Mike Skinner of The Streets, some of the finest musical exports to come out of Britain in the last two decades. Plonked next to them was James Massiah – a remarkable wordsmith leading the new poetry age – who lent his South London tongue to the show’s soundtrack. Alongside fellow Londoner Moses Boyd, the pair interchanged thoughts on identity, past lives and “feeling free to change your tune.” Change was a key pointer throughout the brand’s AW20 collection, with designer Mark Weston daring the Dunhill man to take a step outside of his comfort zone.

As ever, silhouettes were ace, as was the cuts, with strong shoulders and prominent collars being all the range. However, now more daring additions entered the mix. Royal blue and inky black shirts came in gorgeous satins, worn with skinny scarves styled like chokers. A crinkled PVC made several appearances, and looked particularly great when dyed a crimson red on a brilliant pair of trousers. Leather capes and cozy overcoats that were fitted with a belt fastening that started at the lining proved the strongest outerwear moments, whilst a selection of nifty mini-trunks will undoubtedly win over a new slew of Dunhill devotees.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.