Monday 10th February

| BY Dino Bonacic

Eckhaus Latta: Ready-to-wear AW20

Despite running a viable business with an admirable list of stockists and two flagship stores, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta are still often labeled as “emerging” designers. And while they do keep coming up with new ideas and excite their audiences with each move, last night’s Eckhaus Latta show was their 17th. Credit needs to be given where it’s due – this bi-coastal American duo has been working long and hard on making their experimental ideas commercially appealing, and now seem to be hitting their stride in balancing the two sides. Always slightly awkward in their stylistic expression, Eckhaus Latta have now perfected the technique of capturing their essence in wearable silhouettes.

For AW20, they continued their exploration of individual pieces and their longevity in a building wardrobe of their dedicated customer. As usual, their cast was made out of friends and family of the brand, demonstrating the diverse potential of their garments. The effect was heightened even further with the choice of footwear – for the show, Latta and Eckhaus partnered up with The Real Real designer re-sale platform. Imbuing a real-life, worn-out element to the looks were the likes of vintage Saint Laurent boots or Prada sling-backs, in a Eckhaus Latta way of urging their audience for responsible consumption. Buy less, buy smarter, buy Eckhaus Latta!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.