Saturday 21st September

| BY Claudia Croft

Etro: Ready-To-Wear SS20

Plain fabrications don’t exist in the Etro world. Texture, colour print, decoration, shot through with a worldly, well-travelled, bohemian sensibility are the order of play. It’s not about trends but an approach to life. If you are a dreamer, if minimalism makes you feel physically sick, if you prefer wafting to walking, if craft is your crack and off-grid luxury your idea of heaven. Then Etro is for you.

The Etro woman loves a pirate boot and a billowing print dress. She wears a knitted floor length poncho over her party dress and pairs her mannish tailoring with a giant multi patterned, multi-tonal cardi. She might tell you she found it in her attic (she does have a very big attic) but really (Shhh!) she bought it at Etro. Where else can you buy gauzy paisley print evening gowns that can take you from beach to yacht party without skipping a beat? If this is the life you live, or dream of living, Etro is there, offering soft as velvet, paisley print embrace.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans