Monday 23rd September

| BY Claudia Croft

Fila: Ready-To-Wear SS20

Sportswear has infiltrated every part of our wardrobes. It has staged a stealthy fashion coup and we’ve allowed it to happen. Why? Because we all prize comfort, can’t resist branding and dread looking formal. Nobody wants to be mistaken for a bank manager (and even they might wear a parka over their suit for the commute because it’s less square). Everybody would prefer to look like a footballer on the way to a private shopping appointment just after practice. That’s life. That’s what’s modern and it’s good news for Fila as it pushes ever deeper into the fashion space. The brand staged a mammoth part see-now-buy-now co-ed runway show, which deftly demonstrated the myriad ways in which sports chic has taken over our wardrobes. From track tops as alternative beach cover-ups to giant logo gym bags as the quickest way to make tailoring appear more dynamic. Fila has casual daytime run around looks covered but it’s also gunning for your after-dark heart. For parties a logo bra top and silver onesie worn tied at the waist will do nicely, whilst body-con knit dresses with logo trims had a dance-all-night quality. Even the humble rain poncho had a zinging space-age makeover in silver foiled fabric. All bases covered.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.