Tuesday 14th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Giorgio Armani: Menswear AW20

Titled Tactile Impressions, the Giorgio Armani AW20 show was a spectacle of textures. Starting off with an all-black line-up of skiwear looks from the brand’s Neve line, the story was blasting with volume despite the murky colourway. The power is in the touch – Giorgio Armani does magic with luxury fabrics. Velvet, leather, nylon – it was like going through a wardrobe in the dark and dressing according to the feel. Even when the palette wasn’t in one of the neutral tones of beige, black or greige, the looks were still rooted in the art of tonal dressing which Mister Armani has mastered back in the 1990s.

Stripped down to their essence, the silhouettes were ranging within each category. You can find jackets with both round and straight lapels, double or single breasted, evening or daywear. Giorgio Armani sees his clothes as an opportunity to allow each individual to find themselves regardless of mood or style preference. And just like his Emporio Armani line gradually becomes more refined and elevated, this one seems to be getting younger with every season, a constant injection of youthful spirit coming through with the flamboyant casualness that interjects the formal codes. The absolute highlight of the show came in the form of statement outerwear – the heavy coats which referenced grandiose shapes of 19th century opera cloaks are definitely something worth saving up for. 

Instead of a big finale, there were six black velvet suits that walked out, showing Armani’s ability in creating variation of silhouette without losing his signature spirit. The six hunky men each brought a different character, just like your favourite boyband during the ballad section of their stadium concert. And the crowds go wild…

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.