Wednesday 20th September

| BY Jack Moss

Gucci: Ready-to-Wear SS18

Lost for words. Well, not quite, how about: opulent, transporting, 1980s, thoughtful, exciting, perfection? That’ll do. Obviously referring to Alessandro Michele’s latest Gucci romp, held in the brand new Gucci Hub amongst a *deep breath* modern re-interpretation of an ancient map featuring Roman poet Orazio’s country home, the Imperial Forza and a catwalk to represent the Tiber river. Yeah, us neither. But it was impressive. Movie set style.

Out stomp our models to equally stomping music and a bit of a light show (ooh-ahh, etc) and trail past us in a glimmer of beautiful “stuff”. Stuff because there doesn’t seem a much more appropriate word for the amount Mr Michele sends down the catwalk, but we’re firmly of the opinion: more is always more and Alessandro always satiates our greed for beautiful things. I’m always reminded of that Diana Vreeland quote that goes something like: give them what they never knew they wanted. Things that once seemed unappealing now become need-this-now under Mr Michele’s deft touch – a brocade Liberace-esque tracksuit with lurex trim? Uhhh, want. A top made from entirely from rainbow of paillettes, worn with a striped handkerchief hem-skirt, diamante studded tights and a Strictly Ballroom heel? Yes, YES. An embellished leather mini with beefy shoulders and a monogram bumbag to cinch the waist? A crystal helmet? A sunglass with a single plastic tear?

Nuts, yes, but totally beautiful – a living breathing testament to the statement atop the press release: “the act of creation as an act of resistance.” But it’s not pure fancy – picked apart there was plenty to wear – a new focus on tailoring, baggy, totally wearable – sweet knitwear, softer chiffon gowns and tonnes of cracking bags and accessories. Like the show title, a hypnotism – clothes to fall into a trance and no longer be responsible for your actions. Blame the Gucci.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans