Thursday 20th June

| BY Richard Gray

Issey Miyake: Menswear SS20

To the Square Louis XIII, Place des Vosges, Paris, this morning, for the Issey Miyake SS20 men’s show; which was dedicated to the hugely successful ISSEY MIYAKE HOMME PLISSÉ SS20 line. The much-respected choreographer & director Daniel Ezralow created an incredible show, as models stood and stared into the distance. One model walked to the next and exchanged a “Hello!” and then walked on. The square seemed the perfect place for such pleasantries.

Quick! The model-dancers started to jog: round and round they ran; the pleats in their clothes bouncing as they jumped into the air. One dancer created graceful arcs with his arms in a putty coloured concertina-pleat suit. A voguer span his arms in pace-y loops. Boys kicked footballs. The whole spectacle was beautiful and joyous. The wardrobe of perma-pleated looks: tunics over wide pants, abstract patterns plastered on long-line jackets and soft cotton shirting came in the brightest colours: pink, blue, orange; green, purple. What a wonderful and uplifting piece of theatre to start the day and a very clever way to showcase beautiful clothes that move in tune with the wearer.

Photographs by Frédérique Dumoulin