Sunday 27th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Jil Sander: Ready-to-wear SS16

Last week in Ten Towers we had a long discussion about that pixen vagabond of the Moomins, Snufkins. The one in the hat, often seen carrying a fishing rod with a pipe in his mouth. There was a similar hat at Jil Sander – extra-tall, wide brimmed, slightly pointed – that sat atop the model’s heads. And, just like little Snufkins, it looked really rather great. The show itself had a similarly outdoorsy feel, emphasised by the little mounds of flowers and grass on the catwalk – the clothing light and airy – loose white suits, lightweight knits, layered dressed with delicate spaghetti straps. And, with the heat in Milan today, we just wanted to remove our clothes and get changed into these backstage. Hat included.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans