Joseph: Ready-To-Wear SS16 Fashion Show

Joseph: Ready-to-wear SS16

In a way Joseph was a little Little Edie Beale. In that sense of reappropriating one item of clothing as another. Not that Joseph reappropriated sweaters as skirts, but there was a sense of that. Think of Joseph as an exercise in how to wrap, almost cocoon oneself in fabric. There’s an ease here, and a louchness to the way shirting, in an array of pale blue masculine stripes appear almost just tied to the body ad hoc, not neccesarily as a dress or a skirt but more as simply a way of preserving modesty. Apron skirts, tied at the front or on the hip and worn with crisp white shirts are reminiscent of a grown up uniform, simple, functional and easy dressing.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans