Sunday 9th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

Liam Hodges: Menswear SS20

First look out: a black pair of trousers and a black t-shirt. Was this a new, minimal era of Liam Hodges? Not quite. Primitive futurism mixed with cyberpunk ideologies in a cast of individuals, each representing a different identity. For his first season out of NEWGEN, Hodges decided to debut a new logo in what he described as a “strong step forward.” Referencing a diverse group of stock computer game characters as his starting point, he took the SS20 collection as an opportunity to expand his brand identity. A strong sense of community was on display – both the people in the audience and those backstage, collaborating with Hodges on his work. Louis Gibson set design consisted of oversized flowers, as created together with artist Alfie Kungu who also imagined the prints and crafty graphics leading the way in knits and denim. We don’t necessarily associate Hodges with knitwear but those were one of the strongest pieces on the catwalk tonight. Chunky, oversized cardigans and loud patterned jumpers in brash colours – all effortlessly styled – one arm in – by our very own senior fashion editor-at-large Harry Lambert. Collaborations had their spotlight too, with on trainers and sporty staples, and swimwear experts Boardies helping out with swimming trunks and trousers. And on top of all that, extreme beauty courtesy of human hair wigs by Pablo Kuemin and sellotape and wire supported “make-up” by Jenny Coombs. Teary-eyed and elated, Hodges exclaimed backstage – “It’s supposed to be upbeat – otherwise what’s the point?” True that.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans