Sunday 23rd June

| BY Richard Gray

Loewe: Menswear SS20

The Creative Director of Loewe Jonathan Anderson has a fascination with the art world: Loewe and art are interconnected. Indeed, since Anderson’s inception at the house, Loewe has become the default fashion label for art’s creative liberals. They appreciate Anderson’s understanding of the “their world”; the brand’s craft and creativity – its energy. Left on each guest’s chair at the SS20 Menswear line-out, held at the Maison de L’UNESCO in Paris, this afternoon, was a sheet detailing video-art works by the Turner Prize nominee Hilary Lloyd.

These played on TV screens dotted around the runway space. The video-art came ‘courtesy Sadie Coles HQ’ – Coles is also a customer of the brand. The clothes, a series of languorous and long pastel jackets with tie-waists and matching coats worn with matching wide trousers spoke of long summer days. A “seifuku” style top – those worn by Japanese school girls, which has its roots in naval-wear – became a long shirt. The clothes had a “breezy” air and ease.

The knits were intermingled throughout. Blanket-like throws were worn over the shoulders; djellabas – one in navy cotton – will be a high summer hit for Loewe’s fans come August 2020. The bib-and brace of the artist’s studio came rendered in navy cotton with baggy patch-pockets and worn with a black shirt. This was, well, just completely, absolutely beautiful. To bags: a whole of host of great shapes – it’s Loewe – but the Puzzle bag in stripes, the same stripes on the long ribbed knits, was yet another winner.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans