Friday 5th February

| BY Claudia Croft

Louis Vuitton: Pre-Fall 2021

How much has the pandemic changed our relationship to clothes? It’s a question that Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière gets to grips with in his Pre-fall 2021 collection, which he not only designed but photographed, too. The multi-talented, multi-tasking designer, cast British actress Stacy Martin as the face of his collection which addresses how we want to dress now.

Upbeat, practical, sophisticated, sporty, feel-good clothes are what he’s offering and he even has a nickname for them: Vuitamins. This is fashion as a life-enhancing tonic. Energetic colours and clashing combinations of comfy athleisure sweats and romantic finery form the backbone of a wardrobe that feels fun, wearable and also luxurious. There are plenty of tasty take-aways, from the oversize logo tees and slouchy primary coloured joggers, to the flower print eighties jeans, dungaree dresses, hot pink boots or baggy Bermudas. Vuitamins? We’d like to pop them by the fist-full.

Photography by Nicolas Ghesquière.