Thursday 8th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Louis Vuitton: Ready-to-wear SS16

“The only limit is your imagination,” stated Nicolas Ghesquiere of his spring/summer 2016 Louis Vuitton collection – dedicated to all those geeky, techy build-em-up and bash-em-down cyber games, and the idea of being able to reinvent yourself inside of them. Who wouldn’t want to rampage around the dot-com netherworld in Ghesquiere’s clothes, like armour for a contemporary female warrior? That was his idea too – he takes about heroines, and his heroines were damn chic. Let’s not even get into the eye-watering technique packed into these clothes, the levels of beading and leather-working, printing and patch working, the precious handcraft that made the tough-girl clothes seem slick and elegant, as well as hard and cool. That’s a ferociously difficult mix to pull off – as is the fusion of luxury heritage with forward-thinking design, or of a designer redefining the modern wardrobe with a luxury mason founded back in 1854. How do Vuitton make it all look so damn effortless then?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans