Monday 28th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Marni: Ready-to-wear SS16

Geometry. Remember that? Something about circles and working out the radius or something. Well, it’s a thing again. According to Marni anyway, whose spring collection drew upon this mathematic art form – dresses made from sewn together circles, clean precise lines, cut-out slices across the clothes. Think Elsworth Kelly or even Damien Hirst’s spots. And what do those two have in common as well as geometrical roots? Colour. And it was colour that that lit the collection alight – bold reds, yellow, an electric blue, tropical, nature-inspired prints – sitting alongside each other in artful harmony. The result was a Marni girl more vivid than ever. So vivid she’s even experimenting with long, spidery fake eyelashes. All hail this new Marni girl – bold, confident and probably good at Maths. What more would you want?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans