Monday 21st September

| BY 10 Magazine

Mary Katrantzou: Ready-to-wear SS16

I want to say that there’s something rather aquatic about this. Something quite suspended in a large body of water. It could have simply been the way the dresses moved, delicate whisps of fabric gently rippling around the body, the shimmering textures of the embroidery and fabrics catching the light and reflecting it back. But it’s not aquatic. It’s cosmic. Which when you think zero gravity and things floating around suspended in the air, but it’s not that kind of cosmic. It’s inspired by the art of cosmology. As in, or so the press release says, “the means of ancient societies trying to make sense of the universe”. Imagine an intricate yet light of textured patchwork. Delicate padded quilting is spliced with embroidered chiffons and patterned florals that at times appear ruched, ribbed matelasse knits and delicate laces to form a free flowing airy whole.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans