Saturday 20th February

| BY Emily Phillips

Maxxij: Menswear AW21

Contrast and exaggeration are the two defining forces at the heart of Maxxij. The emerging South Korean designer uses fashion as a vehicle for expressing his “erratic and exquisite point of view” toward the idea of beauty – a perspective undeniably rendered in his AW21 collection.

This season, the London-based designer aimed to create a new standard of beauty within fashion. By focussing on utilitarian functionality, sartorial structure, and this exploration into the future of beauty, Maxxij’s AW21 collection embodies a brutal vision of tomorrow.

The soulful fashions on display are very much in tune with the exaggerated silhouettes and daring colour contrasts we expect from the designer. Think quilted trench coats, distorted maxi-pad down puffers, and comfortable voluminous trousers – all in black or beige. Bumblebee yellow and steel blue emerge as audacious accents. Newly conceptualised in-and-out crumbled pockets, melting collars and the use of superlight semi-transparent polyester present this idea of future luxury. That’s because Maxxij is a designer with irreverent beauty at the heart of his designs.

Dubbed Future Blood, Maxxij’s imagined future fantasy comes alive with gargantuan volume, asymmetric oddness, and deconstructed, distressed tailoring. Elements of dark glamour endure, transcending the bounds of exquisite craftsmanship by bringing new meaning to everyday dress.

Photography courtesy of Maxxij.