Sunday 16th February

| BY Paul Toner

Mimi Wade: Ready-to-wear AW20

When it comes to comic book blockbusters, we’re only interested in female protagonists. Forget Batman. Spider-Man who? If there isn’t a bad-ass bitch leading the pack, frankly, we don’t really care. Mimi Wade shares a similar thought process when it comes to picking what to watch on Netflix. Her first stand-alone catwalk show yesterday afternoon saw the designer debut a collaboration with Warner Bros, just in time for the release of Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey which stars the ever-brilliant Margot Robbie. The aforementioned comic book villainess informed most of the collection, from leather trenches stamped with Harley and The Joker mid-tango, to the mohair jumpers and barely-there knickers in her signature red and black colour palette.

In typical Wade style, a potent sexiness came twinged with nostalgia. Whether it be eighties silk power suiting teamed with skimpy skirts, or noughties low-rise jeans with a thong peeking up to say a cheeky hello. The nighties weren’t a miss either.  Mohair cardis trimmed with ostrich feathers couldn’t be more Cher from Clueless if they tried. There was also a healthy dose of Americana interwoven throughout. Stars, stripes and even some bald eagles made an appearance. Mimi Wade is crafting a land of the free where a woman can choose to be whoever she wants. Is she a hero or a villain? Well, that’s up to her to decide.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.