Saturday 19th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Molly Goddard: Ready-to-wear SS16

Remember Courtney Love’s infamous unofficial biography? The one by Poppy Z Brite? Well in it are listed Courtney’s essentials for the perfect kinderwhore look. High waisted, white cotton undies from Woolworth’s, Carmex, 3-4 baby barrettes, Great Lash Mascara & YSL Moss Mascara, 2 clean Max Factor powder puffs, Xtra vintage white slip, Bobbi Brown taupe eyeshadow, Christian Dior Holiday Red pencil, Wet ‘n’ Wild Shiny Frosty Pink and Patricia Field Marilyn rhinestone shades. And while, Molly Goddard’s collection wants entirely kinderwhore, there were certainly undertones. There is something very Courtney about a smocked tulle dress in a sugary pastel you have to admit. Deftly mixed in with the flannel and hint of grease and dirt associated with grunge.

Photographed by Jason Lloyd-Evans