Friday 21st February

| BY Claudia Croft

Moschino: Ready-to-Wear AW20


“It’s Marie Anime-toinette” said Jeremy Scott of his Moschino show. What a historical romp! “I was playing with this whole idea of a time machine,” he explained. Scott took the historic farthingale of the 1780s but re-did it as a micro mini of the 1960s. He also cross-pollinated 18th century courtly glamour with Moschino’s house icons. The results were brilliantly witty and wild. How about a panniered black leather biker-style mini dress worn with thigh high satin Louis heeled boots? Or a logo hoodie that stretched high enough to cover the model’s pompadour wig. Scott’s signature wit was a joy to behold. One model wore a tiered cake dress. Another’s corset featured a big-eyed anime princess on the front. “She’s such an amazing fun icon,” said Scott of Marie Antoinette, but he drew serious comparisons too. “I was thinking about how the geopolitical place we are in is very similar to what was going on in the 1780s: Riots in Chile, Brexit, Gillet Jaune in France, Hong Kong in constant protest, my country’s democracy’s stretched thin.” The turmoil, protest and revolution in the wider culture also made Scott reflect on his role as a designer. “You still have to have a little fun. My role is to bring a little joy to the situation,” he said. “Sometimes being a little bit decadent is the best form of rebellion.”

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.