Sunday 23rd February

| BY Claudia Croft

MSGM: Ready-to-wear AW20

A generation of young fashion obsessives have grown up with MSGM. Like a latter day Italian version of Biba, the label has defined the way they dress. Head-to-toe, insta-friendly brights to digital patterns, oversized suiting the white boot phenomenon: MSGM is driving the look. It’s influence is global but just like its customers, MSGM is growing up. Enveloping tweedy great coats looked like forever pieces worn with shaggy wool stoles and the brand’s latest bag design. Fluted 1930s-style dresses had the feel of an heirloom. Make no mistake, MSGM is still youthful. You can see it in the cuts – baggy washed out pink jeans and drop shoulder poets blouses are where it’s at in terms of silhouette. And there are still plenty of playful pieces. How could you not get noticed in an oversize turquoise blue faux fur trench or a hot pink pilgrim style babydoll? Evolution not revolution. How grown-up is that?

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.