Monday 28th September

| BY 10 Magazine

MSGM: Ready-to-wear SS16

Frills – who’d have thought? That’s all we’ll be wearing next season, apparently. Or ruffles, you may alternatively like to call them. At MSGM, they found a place across their spring collection, hanging off in asymmetric layers or across the chest of off-the-shoulder tops. But these frills were but just one of the many embellishments that MSGM proposed for the season. And as Garth, our lovely fashion editor said last week “what says riches more than embellishment?” Which is obviously a good thing. Who doesn’t want to look rich? But the MSGM girl is cool, too – so the embellishments erred more towards the side of rock and roll – dangling chains, golden hoops, trailing threads of linen. There was something almost grunge about the whole affair – mostly down to a plaid that wove its way throughout the collection, but also in the slouching silhouettes, or the long section of baggy black. There was even a chunky skate shoe, one that would have not looked out of place in my wardrobe, circa 2002. I’ve always wanted an excuse to dig them back out.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans