Monday 14th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Nicopanda: Ready-to-wear SS16

What is this gathering of people 
we have stumbled into at Nicopanda’s SS16 presentation? A wedding, perhaps? There is a touch of matrimonial lace on a model’s dress, sprays of white flowers, billows of pink blush sateen. But there’s plenty of black too. Black PVC, in fact. In one room it even lines the floor. A goth wedding? But then who the hunky underwear clad boys? Sexed-up ushers? Who cares – this is Nicola Formichetti’s world and we’re just lucky to be in it.A world with plenty of us to lay our eyes on. For girls, Nicola proposed ballerina frills, Victoriana dresses, a sheer skirt. There were skirts for the boys too, laser-cut with patterns, a ruffled shoulder, jersey sweatpants with bows on the knees. Clearly Nicola doesn’t care about gender boundaries – so why should we? By the time Lady Gaga arrived in a PVC get-up and top hat we were a little overwhelmed – in the best possible way, of course. So we’ll pass over to her to sum up. “Ballerina gothic Angie Bowie romance,” she said. Okay, let’s go with that.

Photo courtesy of Nicopanda.