Sunday 12th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

No21: Menswear AW20

You can always count on Alessandro Dell’Acqua to bring the playfulness to the Milan Fashion Week Schedule. Sometimes with colour, other times with an unexpected choice of fabric. But today, Dell’Acqua was feeling a bit more serious. First look out – a seemingly simple beige trench coat. Slightly oversized, with its belt dragging behind the model. Rigid, cinched in and walking with a sense of severeness. As the looks came down the catwalk, ribbons continued to trail behind the models, almost like weapons attached to their garments. These boys were ready for battle. 

Military greens and khakis as well as a camo-leopard hybrid print dominated the No21 collection for AW20. There were plenty of updated takes on your dad’s favourite classics too – for example,  a simple blue shirt now came with an askew, elongated collar. Even his old white trunks made an appearance, worn with a yolk under a classic black jacket. Perhaps the sexiest of the line-up were the knits – in crimson red and creamy beige, they looked classic from the front, but revealed to be totally backless as the models walked past. With Pat Benatat’s ‘Love is a battlefield’ as the finale tune, it was clear Dell’Acqua created a wardrobe made for combat that is everyday life. And wIth outfits like theirs, a win is inevitable.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.