Friday 7th June

| BY Garth Spencer

Prada: Menswear SS20

As we enter the industrial Silo Hall of Minsheng Wharf in the east part of Shanghai, we are met by a grid of neon lights that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. The volt of space seems massive – just like a Tron movie grid. We’re here for the Prada menswear SS20 show. As it begins, an army of boys marches down the catwalk wearing utilitarian clothes and strapped in military ankle boots. Somewhat echoing the news of today – we are celebrating D Day worldwide. WWII veterans gather with world leaders to mark the 75th anniversary of this import historical day. But it was “P Day” we experienced in Shanghai, as Muccia brought out her men’s looks the next season. There were more shorts, but the atmosphere was less serious compared to last summer’s retro hotpants. A longer untucked base saw layered shirts and vests under cropped boxy jackets, making the tailoring feel at ease. Reflecting some of the same smock silhouettes from previous womenswear Prada shows.

Hues of a fresh sorbet were cleansing and crisp, playing on nativity and innocence and blurring the lines of  “male” sexuality. Relaxed, pretty striped knitwear was daring and bold, redefining what masculinity stands for in the modern day. A single-pleated cropped chino gave us easy confidence and something totally desirable. Even in washed out Cosmo pink. In a world of social media awareness drowning the raged youth and harsh realities burdening our every day, it feels nice to escape into the carefree utopia of Prada.