Monday 13th September

| BY Will Saunders

Puppets and Puppets: Ready-to-Wear SS22

Known for putting the fun back into fashion – which, after the year we’ve had, who could blame ’em – this season’s Puppets and Puppets show brought the looks and the lols. Designer Carly Mark has done it again: wowing his audience whilst leaving a lot of them scratching their heads in disbelief. Why did two models have cheese and a basket on their heads? And, why were there flying saucers attached to dresses? Perhaps some things are better left unsaid.

Mark’s combinations of textures, styles, accessories and clever wit succeeded at winning over the large crowd that attended the emerging designers’ show. For the first time, Mark hired a production team; meaning no more one-offs filling his fanbase with the false hope that they could potentially wear his pieces one day. Fruit and flower printed denim and dresses, gymnastic leotards, and nude knits all had a new sense of wearability. Of course, we can’t forget the accessories. We were wondering if Mark would be able to top the brand’s viral chocolate chip cookie and pomegranate bags which sold out in just a few weeks on SSENSE. This season, she’s offering us a choice of Swiss cheese wedges and, yes, more cookie bags – horah! Prepare to be fed. 

Photography by Alessandro Viero.