Sunday 8th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ralph Lauren: Ready-To-Wear AW19

Where do you go after celebrating 50 years of success? Well, if you’re Ralph Lauren, the party goes on. For one night only, the world got to experience Ralph’s Club, a decadent backdrop for his new, AW19 collection. Set in the glittering era of NYC – think Art Deco of 1920s and 1930s – the location was of a private member’s club, as was the dress code. Both the attendees (the invites stated a black tie code) and the models in the show demonstrated the glam aspect of Ralph Lauren’s brand. Without a pair of jeans in (our) sight, Lauren presented the evolving nature of his eveningwear.

Satin and velvet tuxedos, sequinned gowns and hybrids in between. The collection grew steadily as the show went along, going from a classic black and white tux worn with a silver coat by Gigi Hadid as the opener, to the last section of ball-gowns borrowing elements from the waistcoats of suits. The details in the shape of bags, jewellery and accessories once again brought in the Art Deco element seen in their surroundings. And then there was the real finale – stellar songstress Janelle Monae closed the show with a performance that was truly worthy of the next chapter in the 51-year-long heritage. This wasn’t just a show, but Ralph Lauren isn’t just a designer. He’s a cultural interpreter existing in the realm of fashion, and we are just here for the ride.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.