Tuesday 22nd September

| BY 10 Magazine

Roksanda: Ready-to-wear SS16

It was a little like Flashdance this. Or any film of the eighties that features a scene in which a heroine who dances in a warm up outfit consisting of a leotard and one of those flicky wrap round skirts. The sleeveless tops had that same scoop at the neckline, but came adorned with a puff of fur or a ruffle on a single shoulder. The skirts had the same fluidity and came adorned in graphic line prints, or in some cases with what appeared to be an appliquéd leather print. There were stiffer overlayers that were cut to snake up the leg to reveal the layers beneath. Strapless jumpsuits came with wide legged trousers and sleeves were large. It’s all about a sleeve with volume.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans