Tuesday 6th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Stella McCartney: Ready-to-wear SS16

This is giving me a sporty Scot vibe. A sort of healthy version of Trainspotting, which I only mention as it’s the only Scottish film I can think of at the moment, so imagine Trainspotting and replace the heroin with kale. Anyway, we’re going to describe this as a collection of stretchy knitted basics, tank tops, polo shirts, long tube skirts, in a sporty tartan in a picnic blanket palette, which basically translates as white, blue and red. There’s a fun element to this too, in the form of tight, two tone pleats that create a sort of moving op art effect and are ever so slightly reminiscent of those accordion things you put in car dashboards to stop them heating up on hot days.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans