Tuesday 22nd September

| BY 10 Magazine

Thomas Tait: Ready-to-wear SS16

Remember Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy? Well, there’s something of him in that cowboy outfit he bought for the move to New York in the Thomas Tait SS16 collection. Minus the hat though. Now imagine him crossed with Princess Leia. And as strange as that might sound, there’s a 70’s undertone to this so it weirdly makes sense. The white tunics with belled sleeves and clear globes on gold chains hanging down the back are rather intergalactic princess. Whereas Midnight Cowboy is there in the stiffness of the raw denim jackets cut boxy so that they sit a little uncomfortably, inlaid with splices of thin tan leather, and in the jeans, the tan stitching clearly visible on the traditional seams and creating a third one that runs down the back of the leg. The merge in the shiny black and silver almost crescent like applique that dots the tunics and runs down the length of trousers. To quote from the official notes, the SS16 offerings from Thomas Tait are about aligning “optimism and urgency for an evolution of familiarity through controlled chaos.”

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans