Wednesday 20th September

| BY Jack Moss

Tommy Hilfiger: Ready-to-Wear SS18

Rock Circus was the name of Tommy Hilfiger’s London outing. Which we’re going to call a bit misleading, because this was actually a fashion celebration of music’s subcultures, from the 1970s to, well, today. Think of this as your Spotify playlist in clothing form. A Sister of Mercy coat with a Wu Tang sweatshirt, a Spice Girls hot pant, a low-slung TLC bare hip with a Marilyn Mansun PVC pant replete with easy open zipper. All that’s missing is a nude Lil Kim logo moment. We didn’t have that. But we had Gigi. Who wasn’t nude, or Lil Kim, but she’s practically rock and roll royalty isn’t she? She’s dating Zayn Malik. Could she be the Bianca Jagger to Zayn’s Mick? Will she be trotting down the catwalk on a white horse? No, this time she just walked, on her legs, but maybe next time. The Hadid dynasty was also well represented by sister Bella and brother Anwar, so it was all a bit of a family affair. Plenty of other nu-supers too. Devon, Sara, Hailey et al. Call it a Glastonbury of beauty. With Tommy as the headliner. And what better way to close out London than that? See you in Milan.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans