Sunday 20th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Topshop Unique: Ready-to-wear SS16

Imagine a cross between a Melanie Griffith’s Working Girl and Madonna’s Desperately Seeking Susan and you have Topshop Unique. Or you could it a Roxy Music leading lady as we are, but that could just be us, the reason probably being a soundtrack of The Style Council opening the show. Which makes no sense to you, but does to us, if only in our heads. Anyway, this was basically all about some slouchy, belted tailoring, mainly oversized Blazers in a sharp pinstripe, layered over chiffon bias dresses with high grazing slits, some clingy lace, Pepto-Bismol pink leather in the form of trousers or a coat with a popped collar. Well you can’t have an eighties tinged collection without some form of leather popped collar can you?

Photographed by Jason Lloyd-Evans