Sunday 20th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Versus Versace: Ready-to-wear SS16

The press release, sent post show, describes this as, “decorated deconstruction. Tough fluidity. Casual. Sporty. Sheer. Tailored. Functional. Daring. The mood of the season is strong, urban and playful.” So now you know. Anyway, think of this a riff on those classic Versace hallmarks, but a little cooler. Let’s just call it the bad girl interpretation. So the dresses darling slit to reveal flashes of skin are there, held together with oversized silver Lions. Tailoring features in black wool, appearing from the front for example as a sharply cut blazer, realign itself to be be backless when the model turns. Skirts are short and tops are sheer. Leopard printed chiffon in monochrome trails behind you.

Photographed by Jason Lloyd-Evans