Monday 9th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Vivienne Westwood Returns To London For AW17

Let’s be honest, apart from the corsets, Vivienne Westwood has always been above such trivial things as gender stereotypes. Remember SEX? And its era of all inclusive PVC shredding and safety pins for the masses? Why should now be any different? Which is why she’s decided to return to London and with that return abolish the traditions of masculine and feminine clothing. Should we, perhaps, rename this Vivienne Westwood day in reference to this momentous event? In the press release, she referenced a couple. A couple who enjoy “swapping clothes”. And as you probably know, we’ve never been opposed to a little cross dressing. All the traditional Westwood signatures were here – the avant-garde suiting, the deconstructed outerwear, buckled too the body to create the illusion of volume, Prince of Wales check and slouchy slinky knits. Let’s call it a gender-neutral greatest hits. I mean, what woman doesn’t a great masculine suit? And what man has secretly dreamed of stepping out in a gold lame number? Welcome home Viv, it’s oh so good to have you back.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans