Wednesday 14th December

| BY 10 Magazine

10TV Voices of the Angels: Starring Kendall Jenner And Olivier Rousteing

It’s an understatement to say that we have been bursting to share this with you. So we’ll capitalise it: BURSTING. Introducing our brand new 10TV series, Voices of the Angels. Filmed by us backstage at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris, we drafted in the beautiful man behind Balmain (and all-round 10 Mag bestie) Olivier Rousteing to nab the girls backstage and quiz them all about, well, being an angel. And the best bit? We’ve only went and and made them sing karaoke together. Obviously. We are the children of Sophia Neophitou, after all, who actually carries a list of her favourite karaoke songs in her handbag, just in case of an impromptu session. Screaming. First up is the gorgeous Kendall Jenner, who, as well as sharing her perfect visage with the world and having a natter with Olivier also confidently blasts out a bit of Rihanna. Enough to turn Ten Towers into a bunch quivering queens. See for yourself above. It’s ah-mazing.

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