Wednesday 21st June

| BY Joel Traptow

Anthony Vaccarello Takes Us To Tokyo For His Latest Saint Laurent Film

This just in: a brand new film from Anthony Vaccarrello’s Saint Laurent (they pump these out, don’t they?) entitled #YSL10, for the simple reason it is the tenth in the series. Directed by Nathalie Canguilhem, we are transported to Tokyo, Japan in what could, and will, be described as past Fast and the Furious, part Memoirs of a Geisha, part Japanese horror film that we don’t know the name of. Which means – bright lights, cars, and *SPOILER* a kind of evil Geisha of played by model Mica Arganaraz.

Soundtrack of the film is Oscar Wilde’s “Her Voice” poem, which is both romantic and slightly sinister, but mostly romantic, with lines such as “and there is nothing left to do but to kiss once again, and part.” And, although this technically as a menswear film we are treated to some glam women’s looks as well – it just wouldn’t be Saint Laurent anything without a glossy leather dress. Joining Mica in Japan are Anja Rubik, Adut Akech, Dalibor Urosevic, Paul Manniez. Sit back and enjoy this gorgeous cyber fashion feast by clicking above. Yes.