Friday 21st May

| BY 10 Magazine

Chanel Marks 100 Years of Chanel N°5 with a New Celebrity Talk Series

How does one celebrate the birthday of the world’s most iconic fragrance? Well, ask Chanel, which is bringing in 100 years of Chanel N°5 with a bang. And a pretty opulent bang, at that! As well as creating a Chanel Fine Jewellery inspired by the signature scent, the house today launches Celebrity by, a new short film that brings together six figures from the worlds of film, academia, media and dance.

United to discuss the ever-changing notion of celebrity, the face of N°5, Marion Cotillard, appears alongside renowned dancers Marie-Agnès Gillot and Lil Buck, psychologist Laurie Santos, former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and Chinese fashion hero Hung Huang. Unpacking 100 years of celebrity culture on N°5’s one-hundredth birthday, each voice brings a new perspective on how celebrity continues to shape and reshape culture.

While Cotillard discusses how the interplay between celebrity and idols guides us to be more expressive, Buck reflects on going from a dance-crazy 13-year-old to touring the world with Madonna – making for some rather nice viewing for your Friday afternoon.