Monday 13th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

We’re Off To The Moon With Chanel And Their Latest Fine Jewellery & Watches Creations

Pack your bags boys & girls, we’re going to the moon! But instead of trusting NASA, our dear friends at Chanel have created a lunar mission of their own – one that doesn’t require bulky spacesuit and one of those unflattering astronaut helmets. Instead, only the finest of tweeds will suffice. We’re talking the latest video to come out of Chanel’s workshop, dedicated to showing off the latest releases from their watches and fine jewellery collections. It’s a story of four strangers meeting in an elevator, with one destination in mind – the moon. But not all goes as smooth as you might think – after a few stops and a very long ride, the four friends arrive to their destination… Or do they?

As for their jewellery choices, there’s plenty to desire. The classic camélia flower appears across a whole selection of new transformable jewellery, both in white and rose gold. A novelty in the watch department is Première Rock Pink Blossom, its steel chain interlaced with pastel pink leather or available in black leather. Excellent taste AND great activities – that’s the kind of crowd we’d love to join any day. Take that Buzz Aldrin…