Friday 29th March

| BY Dino Bonacic

It’s Time for the Big Fashion Laugh-In with Victoria Beckham, JW Anderson and Louis Vuitton

NEWSFLASH: Fashion’s got a sense of humour. Emulating the comedy gods and goddesses, our favourite fashion designers seem to have finally listened to our dear Editrix Sophia Neophitou as they start taking themselves a bit less seriously. The spirits of Carol Channing, Joan Rivers and Rowan & Martin seem to be alive and kicking thanks to the recent move of fashion videos toward humorous narratives, away from that corny image of girls running through a field in slo-mo and heavy, in-depth explanations of why this button is there. For a long time, the industry was rooted in the idea of pretence, probably for the reasons of often being dismissed as “just fashion”. To oppose this light-hearted impression from the rest of the world, designers and those who worked with them levied a severe, studious approach to its representation in media. That’s not to say there haven’t been some pretty funny moments in the past – Franco Moschino was a great example of taking whimsy ideas and making them strong through the power of clothes. And it seems like 2019 is the year the industry finally follows those exceptions. Cue self-deprecating jokes and dry humour, as we head to an era of the fashion laugh-in.

When she announced the launching of her YouTube channel, we expected Victoria Beckham to turn to a formatted content plan of “What’s In My Bag” and “Morning Routine” videos. Oh, how wrong were we. On a weekly basis, VB is enriching our lives with honest, real-life moments from her life that carry her signature deadpan lines, showing off not just her effortless on-the-go style but also a pot of gold that’s tucked in her mind. It all actually started with her video for Vogue celebrating a decade of her fashion’s, directed by Isaac Lock. The vision of the all-serious Vicky B was shattered as she fully embraced the jokes at her expense with a big smile. And yes, she does indeed smile.

Ahead of their AW19 women’s show in Paris, Louis Vuitton recruited their new spokesperson and breakout star from FX’s Pose (now on BBC!!) Indya Moore as the raving reporter and host of the majestic event through a series of Instagram videos shot in style of 1980s beauty ads. Directed by Antoine Asseraf and Jade Lombard, the videos clearly teased the Bananarama vibes that walked down the Pompidou-inspired set in Louvre’s pyramid. “Hello, my Louis babies – we have so much to talk about,” Moore dramatically opens one of the clips, dressed in the embellished net mini dress from SS19. Ooh baby she’s got it…

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Joining in on the cheese train was Jonathan Anderson as he launched the new JW Anderson Keyts bag Sandearlier this month via a QVC-style video starring performance artist Justin Vivian Bond as the tele-shopping correspondent, showing off all the features of the new it purse. “IT’S ADJUSTABLE!” Bond yells at her co-host Jill Pangallo, as she slaps the yellow bag around and takes a tin of sardines out of it. Need a Friday pick-me-up? Go ahead and watch it, laughs are guaranteed. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of a new era, one where fashion and fun are allowed in the same sentence…