Wednesday 26th April

| BY Finn Blythe

Giorgio Armani Dresses Richard Gere For New Film

Never one to miss out on the chance to dress Richard Gere, Mr Armani has once again clothed everyone’s favourite silver fox for his latest film, “The Dinner”. Based on several viewings of the trailer we can glean that it’s a high tension, political drama type of scenario that centres on what looks like a very awkward dinner and some mischievous children. Ouuu. There’s a lot that could probably do with further explanation – but, as usual, we were a little distracted by Mr Gere’s fine suiting, which he wears just as ably as he did in 1980, when Armani famously outfitted him for his role in American Gigolo. To quote the films’ director, Oren Moverman: “If Richard Gere did not exist, Armani would have invented him. When he put on the suit, not only did I see the character come to life perfectly, but I believe I heard celestial trumpets blowing and angels shedding tears”. I mean. Shed your own celestial tears with the trailer above…